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A Few Things About Me!


I’ve been telling stories my whole life.  My creative imagination earned me quite a few “A’s” on writing assignments and allowed me to contribute to various magazines and blogs.  That same imagination also created stories that landed me in a peck of trouble over the years – from the principal’s office to the therapists couch.

My creative imagination combined with my sensitive heart is both my super power and my downfall!  I can either spin a tale about my life that keeps me awake at night with anxiety or I can tell myself better (and truer) stories that fill my heart with courage, love and purpose.  Now a large ​part of my mission is helping others navigate the plot twists of life and create a strong, beautiful life story.

Life Listener

Building our beautiful family through adoption taught me to listen to what others are really saying with their words and actions.  A serious illness taught me to listen to the messages my body was sending.  Debilitating depression taught me to listen to the needs of my own wounded heart.  Being an innkeeper taught me to listen to the stories of thousands from around the world.

And you know what all this listening has taught me?

That we are all SO MUCH THE SAME!  We may live in different neighborhoods and see life through vastly different perspectives, but honestly, we just want to be loved.  To be safe.  To know that our story matters.

I write in depth about this in my book, “The Blessed Home.” At heart, we are all just on a long, beautiful, messy, confusing, painful, powerful and joyful journey home.

Joy Collector

I could show you my mug collection (be careful when you open the kitchen cupboard because I have a lot!).  I could share the bazillion photos I’ve taken of my loved ones and pasted into scrapbooks.  I could describe how the first sip of morning coffee, sunset walks on beaches and beautiful food feel undeniably magical and sacred to me.  I could let you read the private memories captured in the pages of my journals.

But none of that would tell the whole story.

Each of these treasures represents my struggle to find joy in the middle of deep pain and depression.  As I gathered tiny moments of joy and strung them together like beads on a necklace, I began to shift to a new pattern of thinking, a new rhythm of living.  Little by little, as I noticed and nurtured the joy around me (and trust me, somedays I had to look intently), I began to create a life that felt good … even on hard days.

A large part of my writing focuses on this truth: Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be joy-filled!

Dream Nurturer

I believe that we are all born with work that our soul was created to do.  But then life happens …..

For years, I barely wrote.  I worked hard to build other people’s dreams, raised four children, moved to another state, started two businesses, got drawn into a schedule packed with activity … and fell into bed every evening feeling exhausted and empty.

The beautiful thing is … when I picked up my pen again, there it was.  My dream.  Buried under all the craziness but still alive and well.   As I dug it out and dusted it off, I realized that nothing had been wasted.  Through those years, I was learning the lessons that would make me wise, fighting the battles that would make me strong and creating the life that would allow me to whisper life back into the dreams of others.

If you’ve read this far, I see you!  Thank you!

Although I’ve been writing for years, this chapter of my writing life is just beginning and it’s wonderful to have you join me on the journey. Through my books, courses and blog posts, I hope to:

– inspire you to write a truer, more beautiful life story

– build community through deep listening to one another

– share ways to thrive through anxiety, depression, or anger

– breathe hope and life into your buried dreams

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Welcome, my friend!

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