“A well-lived life must begin in the most powerful and sacred of all places … our home.”

Creating a home may be the single most important thing we humans do in our lifetime, and yet we enter the adult world armed only with a few high school lessons on budgeting, birth control and baking cupcakes! We value the importance of home and work hard to get it “right,” but in spite of all the decorating, decluttering, organizing and weekend improvement projects, we still can’t shake the ache that tells us something is missing.

Is your home filled with bickering, anxiety, disconnection or chaos?

Are you exhausted from working so hard to give your children everything and still wondering if you’re getting it all wrong? 

Did you experience trauma or toxicity in your childhood home, leaving you determined to break the cycle for yourself and your loved ones?

Do you long for a home where you feel nurtured in both body and spirit – where your dreams can thrive? 

The Blessed Home tells the story of my journey through exhaustion, depression and burnout to the rediscovery of the beautiful, ancient practice of Blessing.  This book explores the human connection to home and offers many tools and examples to cleanse and reset the atmosphere of your home. Multiple times a day if needed! You will learn how to use both spoken and unspoken Blessing to heal your home, reconnect to joy and create a place where you finally feel at home.

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